Staircase Construction 101: Know The Essentials Of Staircase Construction


Staircases are those important parts in our houses which occupy the most prominent positions but we often overlook their significance. Houses with open plan layouts need staircases to be built perfectly in order to match with the interior.

Staircases nowadays have become more than just a pathway to other floors in house; they serve as significant elements for the enhancement of interior aesthetics. Having a staircase built according to your need and choice with bespoke handrails is going to add that classic feel to your house.

Before you jump into the designs and other details of modern stairs, you need to understand a few things in order to incorporate the most suitable staircase in your house. Let us delve deeper!

While choosing staircases one should always keep in mind that it is not only the purpose or looks of a staircase that should be taken into considerations but there are lots of other factors which require diligent attention. Safety, practicality and convenience are the key terms that come to play while construction of staircases.

Understand the construction:

The principal thing you have to decide is the size of your staircase. Start by estimating the total ascent. This is the measurement from the completed floor beneath to the completed floor level above.

You will then need to work out the quantity of risers required. To comply with Building Regulations, a household staircase needs an ascent of somewhere in the range of 190mm and 220mm. Standard risers are around 200mm, so go for this.

A regular ascent is 2,600mm, which isolates effectively into thirteen 200mm risers, or steps. Presently you have to compute the quantity of treads. More often than not, you require one less tread than the quantity of risers. Get in touch with your designer for perfect calculations and designs.

Understand the parts of a staircase:

Going – The horizontal distance between two consecutive steps
Nosing – The edge of the tread projecting beyond the riser
Rise – The vertical distance between two consecutive treads. The total rise is the vertical distance from the floor to the floor of the level above
Riser – The board that forms the face of the step
Tread – The top section of an individual step on which you walk
Balustrade – These are the combination of spindles, handrails and posts of a staircase. Balustrades are those elements which give a staircase a unique look

These are the basic things you should consider while building a staircase in your house. If you need expert assistance then you can get in touch with professional staircase builders from Perth.


How Do You Choose The Right Staircase For Your Project?


Stairs are abundantly used to link two levels in a house or any other building. Most often we overlook or underrate the importance of a staircase in our house but that is where we go wrong. Certain things are much more important in actuality than what we think.

A good staircase installer will take the process of stair-building into a whole new level, and you can expect great looking stairs which not only serve the purpose but add greatly to the aesthetics of your building.

To have attractive stairs in your home, you might consider certain factors. Those are:

Materials used – the materials used for installation of the staircase in your home will greatly define the quality and looks of it. If you are fascinated by wooden stairs, you might want to do a little bit of research before you settle for a particular wood type. Other materials include concrete and stones.

The design – The design of a staircase greatly affect certain aspects of it. Like the upkeep cost, attractiveness and durability. These factors will all be defined by the design you are choosing. Another thing you must keep in in mind while choosing the design is the amount of space you have for staircase installation.

The installer – The quality and durability of your stairs will also depend on the skills and expertise of the contractor installing it. If you hire a poorly-skilled installer to get your job done, eventually your stairs would not be in a good condition. Neither you will experience the beauty and durability what you would have managed, if you had spent for a skilled installer.

Types of staircases – Keeping aside every other factor, you must know that the type of staircase you are choosing will have the most influence in its durability. The staircase style can be determined easily by assessing the available floor space. The bigger the space is, the more the staircase styles will be available for you to select. You should also know that installation and upkeep costs will vary too, according to the style you choose.

These are some notable informations regarding staircase and how to choose the perfect one for your house. If you are not sure about how to find the best installer, then you can contact with some renowned professionals from Western Australia.

Beautiful Stair Railing & Balustrade Ideas

Staircase & Balustrade Installer

Stairs are an integral part of our home. A luxury staircase in the centre of your home can greatly add to its beauty. The styles have changed over the years and witnessed a lot of different alterations and decorations.

Interior designers have recently started to focus on stair railings. The essential factor has always been the handrail but that does not mean the design and style is no more important. A well designed handrail is essential for a elegant staircase.

Entire staircase in a building has seen several changes from glass balustrades to decorative handrails and what not. As staircases form an integral part of your home, ignoring the beauty that can be enhanced by it is not an wise idea.

The design options are endless for staircases, coming in all shapes and sizes an models. Most of the changes have been made to the handrails in the past years. The most common materials used for handrails include wrought iron, glass, steel and wood.

After the handrails, come the balustrades. When it comes to eye-catching, contemporary and sleek design statements, glass balustrades are hard to beat. These supportive parts of a staircase not only act for supporting, but play a major role in adding to the beauty of the staircase. Many people consider that when it is about balustrades, nothing can beat glass options.

A glass balustrade constructed out of frosted glass has unique looking properties. Frosted glass can be very useful for providing privacy, while still allowing plenty of light to pass through. A frame-less glass balustrade is ideal if you are trying to achieve minimalistic design still not compromising on the looks. A frameless balustrade can add a premium look to your house.

A contrasting handrail with a glass balustrade in a commercial environment is unbeatable in terms of safety and looks. Two most popular options of handrails to match with glass balustrades are polished steel and wooden handrails.

Finishing off the staircase with a flourish is a great decorative idea, if executed perfectly. Decorative newel posts can turn a regular glass balustrade into a unique design feature of your home.

Whichever option you are choosing is not going to make your staircase stand out, if the work is not executed properly. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consult with professional staircase builders for various options and great skills. There are some renowned staircase builders from Western Australia who can provide you with great staircase ideas.

Sophisticated & Trending Staircases In Recent Times

Staircase& Balustrade

So you have built a home of your dreams but most likely are missing out the minor spots worthy of some attention. The idea might not be to decorate, but to add a classic factor to those overlooked spaces. The staircase in your house is one of those spots, which generally do not get much attention. But as times are changing, so are the options that can make your house stand out form the rest.

Having a straight-up staircase or a spiral staircase is cool but a custom made designer staircase with decorative glass balustrades is a classic feature that boosts up the look of the interior of your house.

You might have this conception that stairs are used in transit to other floors and not to sit and enjoy your leisure, but there you go wrong. A well-designed staircase can add a complete new look to your house and needless to say, you might even enjoy a cup of coffee sitting on one of the stairs while reading your favorite book.

There are many staircase builders who can build the perfect stairway for you, meeting your needs and suiting your interior. Builders from Western Australia have a good craftsmanship at building designer staircases and glass balustrades.

Here are some of the trending staircase designs and ideas that you should definitely consider incorporating in your house:

  • Timber staircases

    Timber Staircases.jpg

    An extensive range of solid timber staircases has been there since the last few decades. These staircases can be of different styles, ranging from simple straight flights to complex multi-landing and curved designs. From traditional style to classical, curved, contemporary and many more.

  • Steel staircases

    Steel Staircases

    The focus of the steel staircase designs are on modern and light styles. Semi or fully floating effects are made using minimum materials in an attempt to make them as transparent as possible giving enough room for light to pass. You have a whole lot of design and trends to choose from – cantilevered to steel spine, flat plate, Australian steel with powder coat finish and many more. These staircases are not just painted, but powder coated with a broad range of colors.

  • Commercial staircases

    commercial Staircases

    Though not properly suitable for your home, there are lots of commercial designs and patterns available too. Many interesting designs features can be introduced and incorporated into your existing stairway as well. Some designs include commercial timber and steel.

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Thus, if you wish to give your house a new look, then choosing to renovate your staircase is a bright idea.

Balustrades: Custom Choices & Best Material Options

Custom Balustrade

Balustrade frameworks enable property owners to add style & complexity to their home. They are additionally fundamental in business structures. Giving sufficient security to stairways, decks and even roofing, it’s basic you pick the correct framework to fit your needs. There are various variables to consider before getting one installed.

So what exactly are balustrades?


Balustrade frameworks either accompany handrails or don’t. They are made from various materials and are utilized to upgrade security.

When you take a gander at a stairway for instance, the balustrades are the little posts that combine the railings. A regular balustrade framework incorporates a base rail, top rail and an infill material. This infill is fundamentally a protective boundary.

They are necessitated by law to be introduced on the open side of a staircase or overhang however there are actually several frameworks accessible, giving a lot of options regarding design.

Bespoke balustrades


Custom made balustrades are mainstream as they enable you to tailor the outline to your home’s particular needs. You can coordinate the balustrade to the style of your home or property. There is an enormous scope of materials and styles to browse.

Picking a material

As every material has diverse properties related with it, each will require distinctive levels of support. Aluminum for instance, is a solid, profoundly strong material that has a decent protection from consumption, notwithstanding when untreated. Aluminum balustrades are regularly powder coated as well, making a tougher finish than that offered by conventional paint. This renders them as a perfect decision for exteriors of both residential and commercial properties, since this material will be impervious to a wide range of climate conditions.

While glass is frequently observed to be a delicate material, the glass utilised as a part of balustrades is regularly toughened so it can withstand more noteworthy loads.

While balustrades in these two materials will be vulnerable to development of grime and dirt, the alternative of self-cleaning glass balustrades could make these a lower upkeep choice for property owners.

Speaking of upkeep, keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that the powder covering on aluminum balustrades doesn’t break down, these should be cleaned all the time utilising warm water and a mild cleaning detergent. Interestingly, non-self cleaning glass balustrades should just be washed down with cleanser and warm water in order to remove hand prints, smears and other dirt.

Thus, go ahead and have your own bespoke balustrades installed by a reliable staircase installer in Western Australia today.

Why Install Glass Balustrades In Your Balcony?

Glass Balustrades

On the off chance that your old balcony requires some remodelling or you’re undertaking a new construction, there are plenty of conventional options like wooden balustrades or steel bars. Despite the fact that these kinds of balustrades are just fine, they essentially can’t coordinate the benefits of a balcony fitted with glass balustrades. Understanding the perks will guarantee that you settle on the correct choice and make the most out of your gallery for many years:

Modern appeal

 Install Glass Balustrades

A balcony having glass balustrade is the ideal blend of modern & pristine meets excellence – particularly with regards to the most commonly preferred architectural looks of today. Be that as it may, a glass overhang would complement even the most customary home too, striking the perfect equilibrium of old-meets-new with a smooth, low-profile & stylish look.

Natural light & views

Got a lovely view of shoreline, beach or cityscape? Perhaps it’s simply the pool or garden you wish to graze your eyes upon in all their brilliance? See directly through with clear & unimpeded glass. Also, do you know what else a glass balustrade balcony won’t hinder? Dazzling natural light.

Effortless upkeep

Can you arrange for some soap water & a clean cotton cloth? Well, they are all you need in order to ensure proper upkeep of your glass balustrades. So when you’re nipping around the house keeping windows, give your glass balustrade gallery some comparative love and that is just about all you have to do.

Secured & long-lasting

Some people might ask whether glass balustrades provide as much security as is necessitated by such a place. Keep in mind that glass is in reality among the strongest of materials at any point, particularly in a place exposed to tough weather conditions. Additionally, a glass gallery is really more secure than conventional rail balustrades, since there are no holes that could jeopardise pets or kids, and no rails or grasp for little youngsters to climb up & over.


A glass balustrade gallery may look better and be more secure, yet numerous glad campers will likewise validate that it’s the best decision for comfort! In the winter, bask in the sunlight without stressing over the shadows,, while in the meantime shielding yourself from the cold breeze – something a conventional balcony additionally can’t give.

So if you wish to install glass balustrades in your balcony, make sure to locate a reputed provider of the same in Western Australia, and do your research carefully so that you get the best products & service at reasonable rates.

Important Factors To Consider Before Installing Wire Balustrades

Installing Wire Balustrades

In a typical wire balustrade, horizontal or vertical cables are used instead of spindles, glass or other materials. They are used for multiple purposes and are usually preferred the most than any other material. The reason is their ability to offer unobstructed views in the place of installation. As the cables are too thin than traditional pickets, wire balustrades are ideal for decking and terrace that offer great panoramic views. They can also be installed around the pool area.

The cable railings look sleek and modern, which makes them the best choice for contemporary residences and commercial properties. In addition, maintenance also plays a major role. You just need to clean them occasionally to keep away the dirt and stain.

The installation of wire balustrades is really easy

Installing Wire Balustrades

Installing wire balustrades in a property is not as daunting as other balustrade materials. All you need to do is ensure that each of the cables is attached with proper tension and the frames and posts must be strong enough to withstand the force & load requirements. All you need to do is hire a professional in Perth who can install wire balustrade in your property.

Be sure that the cable wires are installed inside rigid frames constructed either of stainless steel, extruded aluminum or wood. However, in most cases the best material for wire balustrade is stainless steel. Do not forget to maintain the building codes when it comes to wire balustrade. Hiring the professionals is the best choice as there is a rule for the gaps between each cable.

Keep the safety in mind

 Wire Balustrades

The rigidity of the steel cables is determined by a series of factors like tension, spacing, diameter and others. Establishing flexibility is important when you’re considering to install wire balustrade in the property. Make sure that the tension is appropriate as per the codes so that no one can slip through (especially kids). Also, it’s crucial that the intermediate posts are spaced out properly. This is because posts provide mounting for the top rail as well as support to the cables that are attached in the row of holes. Usually the spacing between each post does not exceed 5 ft, but in some cases (depending on the terrain), some manufacturers recommend installing them at 3 ft gaps.

It’s possible to maintain these building codes along with establishing great aesthetic appeal only if you hire professionals in Perth.