Balustrades: Custom Choices & Best Material Options

Custom Balustrade

Balustrade frameworks enable property owners to add style & complexity to their home. They are additionally fundamental in business structures. Giving sufficient security to stairways, decks and even roofing, it’s basic you pick the correct framework to fit your needs. There are various variables to consider before getting one installed.

So what exactly are balustrades?


Balustrade frameworks either accompany handrails or don’t. They are made from various materials and are utilized to upgrade security.

When you take a gander at a stairway for instance, the balustrades are the little posts that combine the railings. A regular balustrade framework incorporates a base rail, top rail and an infill material. This infill is fundamentally a protective boundary.

They are necessitated by law to be introduced on the open side of a staircase or overhang however there are actually several frameworks accessible, giving a lot of options regarding design.

Bespoke balustrades


Custom made balustrades are mainstream as they enable you to tailor the outline to your home’s particular needs. You can coordinate the balustrade to the style of your home or property. There is an enormous scope of materials and styles to browse.

Picking a material

As every material has diverse properties related with it, each will require distinctive levels of support. Aluminum for instance, is a solid, profoundly strong material that has a decent protection from consumption, notwithstanding when untreated. Aluminum balustrades are regularly powder coated as well, making a tougher finish than that offered by conventional paint. This renders them as a perfect decision for exteriors of both residential and commercial properties, since this material will be impervious to a wide range of climate conditions.

While glass is frequently observed to be a delicate material, the glass utilised as a part of balustrades is regularly toughened so it can withstand more noteworthy loads.

While balustrades in these two materials will be vulnerable to development of grime and dirt, the alternative of self-cleaning glass balustrades could make these a lower upkeep choice for property owners.

Speaking of upkeep, keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that the powder covering on aluminum balustrades doesn’t break down, these should be cleaned all the time utilising warm water and a mild cleaning detergent. Interestingly, non-self cleaning glass balustrades should just be washed down with cleanser and warm water in order to remove hand prints, smears and other dirt.

Thus, go ahead and have your own bespoke balustrades installed by a reliable staircase installer in Western Australia today.


Why Install Glass Balustrades In Your Balcony?

Glass Balustrades

On the off chance that your old balcony requires some remodelling or you’re undertaking a new construction, there are plenty of conventional options like wooden balustrades or steel bars. Despite the fact that these kinds of balustrades are just fine, they essentially can’t coordinate the benefits of a balcony fitted with glass balustrades. Understanding the perks will guarantee that you settle on the correct choice and make the most out of your gallery for many years:

Modern appeal

 Install Glass Balustrades

A balcony having glass balustrade is the ideal blend of modern & pristine meets excellence – particularly with regards to the most commonly preferred architectural looks of today. Be that as it may, a glass overhang would complement even the most customary home too, striking the perfect equilibrium of old-meets-new with a smooth, low-profile & stylish look.

Natural light & views

Got a lovely view of shoreline, beach or cityscape? Perhaps it’s simply the pool or garden you wish to graze your eyes upon in all their brilliance? See directly through with clear & unimpeded glass. Also, do you know what else a glass balustrade balcony won’t hinder? Dazzling natural light.

Effortless upkeep

Can you arrange for some soap water & a clean cotton cloth? Well, they are all you need in order to ensure proper upkeep of your glass balustrades. So when you’re nipping around the house keeping windows, give your glass balustrade gallery some comparative love and that is just about all you have to do.

Secured & long-lasting

Some people might ask whether glass balustrades provide as much security as is necessitated by such a place. Keep in mind that glass is in reality among the strongest of materials at any point, particularly in a place exposed to tough weather conditions. Additionally, a glass gallery is really more secure than conventional rail balustrades, since there are no holes that could jeopardise pets or kids, and no rails or grasp for little youngsters to climb up & over.


A glass balustrade gallery may look better and be more secure, yet numerous glad campers will likewise validate that it’s the best decision for comfort! In the winter, bask in the sunlight without stressing over the shadows,, while in the meantime shielding yourself from the cold breeze – something a conventional balcony additionally can’t give.

So if you wish to install glass balustrades in your balcony, make sure to locate a reputed provider of the same in Western Australia, and do your research carefully so that you get the best products & service at reasonable rates.

Important Factors To Consider Before Installing Wire Balustrades

Installing Wire Balustrades

In a typical wire balustrade, horizontal or vertical cables are used instead of spindles, glass or other materials. They are used for multiple purposes and are usually preferred the most than any other material. The reason is their ability to offer unobstructed views in the place of installation. As the cables are too thin than traditional pickets, wire balustrades are ideal for decking and terrace that offer great panoramic views. They can also be installed around the pool area.

The cable railings look sleek and modern, which makes them the best choice for contemporary residences and commercial properties. In addition, maintenance also plays a major role. You just need to clean them occasionally to keep away the dirt and stain.

The installation of wire balustrades is really easy

Installing Wire Balustrades

Installing wire balustrades in a property is not as daunting as other balustrade materials. All you need to do is ensure that each of the cables is attached with proper tension and the frames and posts must be strong enough to withstand the force & load requirements. All you need to do is hire a professional in Perth who can install wire balustrade in your property.

Be sure that the cable wires are installed inside rigid frames constructed either of stainless steel, extruded aluminum or wood. However, in most cases the best material for wire balustrade is stainless steel. Do not forget to maintain the building codes when it comes to wire balustrade. Hiring the professionals is the best choice as there is a rule for the gaps between each cable.

Keep the safety in mind

 Wire Balustrades

The rigidity of the steel cables is determined by a series of factors like tension, spacing, diameter and others. Establishing flexibility is important when you’re considering to install wire balustrade in the property. Make sure that the tension is appropriate as per the codes so that no one can slip through (especially kids). Also, it’s crucial that the intermediate posts are spaced out properly. This is because posts provide mounting for the top rail as well as support to the cables that are attached in the row of holes. Usually the spacing between each post does not exceed 5 ft, but in some cases (depending on the terrain), some manufacturers recommend installing them at 3 ft gaps.

It’s possible to maintain these building codes along with establishing great aesthetic appeal only if you hire professionals in Perth.

Keep A Track On The Building Regulations For Balustrades Before Installing

Untitled design (46)

When building a new home or adding an extension, it’s crucial to consider the codes of balustrades. At times, considering the design this may seem to be a hurdle. This is why, as per the experts, it is prudent to hire a reputed stair installer in Western Australia who has proper knowledge on balustrade codes.

In Queensland, over 20 people died and hundreds of people were injured between 2002 to 2012 after falling from decks or balconies. The cause of these accidents are structural failure, which is why it is so important to ensure your balustrades comply with the national building regulations.

Building Code of Australia

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) sets building regulations for all States and Territories in the country. It provides a consistent set of Australian building standards in the areas of health, safety, fire, and sustainability.

What is a balustrade and why do you need it?

A balustrade is a fall prevention barrier that is provided alongside a stairway or ramp, floor, corridor, hallway, balcony, verandah, mezzanine or path of access to a building. Many accidents happen every year due to illegally built decks and balconies, or ones that haven’t been regularly inspected and maintained. Regulated decks, balconies and balustrades help to prevent these accidents from happening. Get your balustrades installed from the staircase experts to prevent mishaps and also to meet the codes.

Codes of decks and balconies

Balconies: Must be one metre or higher above the ground.

Decks: Must be more than one metre above the ground. The openings in balustrades cannot be greater than 125 millimetres. If the deck is built more than 4 metres above the ground, balustrades cannot have any climbable elements located between 150 millimetres and 760 millimetres from the floor.

Stairs: Must have a barrier of at least 865 millimetres high above the ‘nosing’ of the stair treads. Stairs which are more than four metres in height must too meet the codes mentioned for decks.


Climate is very important to consider when building or installing balustrades, especially with Australia’s varying seasons. In many parts of Australia, the construction of new building and additions to existing buildings will be assessed as to whether or not it is in a bushfire-prone area. There are six different Bushfire Attack Levels for proposed construction and as the threat increases, so do the restrictions on the building materials.

Again, before installing a balustrade, hire staircase experts if you really prioritise safety. They can provide you with the best materials without compromising the aesthetics.

How To Decorate A House During The Holiday?

 Decorate A House During The Holiday

Ho Ho Ho! It’s December, the most awaited month of the year. And the holiday bells have started ringing as well. You must also be very excited for the events to come. So what have you planned for the holidays this year? Are you going for a trip or have decided to attend a friend’s party? Whatever you plan is about, make sure to create the ambiance of the festive atmosphere in your house too. It has been seen that almost every homeowner gets busy preparing and decorating their abode beautifully for the event. The more you use embellishing elements for decoration, the better your house will look. There are many places inside as well as outside of your house where you can use your innovative decoration techniques accordingly. For instance, the garden area, living room, even addition of bespoke handrails to the stairs, embellishments on the walls, windows, doors and many other options are there for you to beautify your house for the holidays.

decorating staircases

Christmas and New Year are all about lights, glitters and sparkles. No never miss to install glowing and bright lights both inside as well as outside the house. Because of the holiday season, many lighting manufacturer companies produce specially designed lighting options that can highlight the season. So purchase the lights according to your designing preferences and start hanging them them around every corner of your abode.

Many professional designers in Perth have shared innovative tips for decorating staircases, trees, garden, etc. before arrival of Christmas. You can simply have a look at them in order to get some beautiful ideas.

Apart from lights there are many other options to brighten up your house in the holiday season. For instance, fresh/artificial garlands for staircase banisters, scented candles, holiday flag, holiday linens like placemats, tablecloths, napkins and table runners, wreath for entrance door and stockings can be used. All these decorative essentials are must for enhancing the look of your nest during the holiday season.

Another important essential is the Christmas tree and you must start decorating it from now onwards. However if you are using natural pine tree then make sure it is properly trimmed or else you can even purchase an artificial one and decorate it accordingly.

Whether your house is big or small, ensure to enhance the look of the overall area to the fullest. After all, this season comes only once in the entire year!

Embellish Your Interiors With These Fresh & New Christmas Decorations

New Christmas Decorations Staircase

Christmas is the time for decoration, be it traditional or modern. Everyone wishes to opt for something out of the box. But while keeping this in mind, people usually forget about incorporating the embellishments in neglected spaces like the kitchen, dining space and also, staircases. Apart from decorating your room, you should also take a look at the stairs. Embellishing them can make a huge visual impact when properly decked out. Though most of us think of the staircase as only a functional addition, it obviously plays a big role in determining the aesthetics of the entry.

Styling it propitiously

modern and contemporary space in home

To bring success into your decoration, at first, consider the style of your home and how the staircase decorations will work with the overall Christmas theme. There is no point in going for a traditional ‘green and red’ look when you have a minimalistic home and the colours around the staircase are predominantly yellow or blue. Less ornate and more innovative garlands can too look lovely in a modern and contemporary space.

The models and showpieces


Untitled design (6)

Even the simplest and the smartest decoration can let you win the Christmas eve. Try making small models of Santa Claus with the name of your mom and dad on them. Place them on each tread just beyond one another. Remember, the balustrade must be wrapped with a garland of Christmas leaves (any) with some pinecones, shiny balls, stars and lights. The decoration would look awesome if you can add glass balustrade.

Incorporating natural materials

natural materials glass balustrade

Turn to natural materials, branches and burlap if you’re looking for eco-friendly decorations. It also gives a more rustic look. Think about a few hand-blown glass ornaments and shiny baubles that will add colour while maintaining the clean, uncluttered look. And if your focus is to keep the kids happy, go with large figurines, suspended angels, bright stars and giant stockings.

Time to maintain the lore

Time to maintain

If you’re still going to stick to the traditional look with green garlands and sparkling red ornaments for the staircase, then do so with plenty of metallic accents. This kind of decoration looks great in a Victorian styled house. In fact, you can take the traditional decorating approach and switch over completely to a golden colour scheme to give the staircase a majestic and captivating appeal.

Decorating a staircase with the Christmas embellishments can let you win the “the talk of the day” award when it comes to creating something special. Follow this link to get some more ideas on staircase decorations –

Installing Stylish Yet Traditional Staircases

Traditional Wooden staircases and railings are similar to workhorses. They are built to give you strong base along with conveying the message of style. But beyond this basic purpose, there are many different types, which can help you to make your home safer, efficient and even more attractive. If you are looking to build a new home or to design an existing one, give careful thought to the staircase installation, because probably you will meet with certain amount of flexibility as to where and how they can be positioned.

Stair or railing replacement should also be approached with care because, it’s a quite tricky business, and you need to be very familiar with the International Code Council’s Stair Building Code. If you are not aware of codes simply contact a staircase manufacturer and installer as they have a wealth of experience in the installation works and know well about the codes as well as other requirements for your locality.

Various types of staircases

Straight staircase :

Straight staircase

The simplest form is the straight staircase which is limited to a maximum of 16 stairs. Sometimes an intermediate landing partway is also installed. This type often looks good on timber staircase.

Quarter landing :

Quarter landing

Quarter landing is a variant of straight stairs, including a landing partway up which marks a 90-degree or L shape change in the direction. These are not only functional and spacious, but are also safer.

Double quarter landing :

Double quarter landing

Double quarter landing come up with two landings, each with a 90-degree directional change.

Half landing :

Half landing

Half landing is a type of straight staircase. Here, the landing marks are 180 degree in direction. This style is very efficient, requires less space and is safer too.

Single winder :

Single winder staircase

Single winder incorporates a 90-degree turn. But instead of a landing, the turn is enabled by the use of a wedge-shaped winder tread, which is usually positioned near the bottom of the staircase for aesthetic and convenience.

Double winder :

Double winder staircase

Double winder is same like single winder but more compact. This includes a turn of 180 degrees.

Arched staircase :

Arched staircase

Arched styles are aesthetically appealing but often difficult to construct. They consist of wedge-shaped stairs with curved handrails.

Spiral :

Spiral staircase

Spiral staircase is also wedge-shaped. It has a railing along with a central vertical post for support. Spiral is the most efficient for fitting into small spaces. Carrying bulky objects on these stairs may be a bit tricky.

When you are looking for style, always go for a timber staircase. It is a one time investment that’d hold the decorative and artistic look forever.