Balustrade Options To Consider While Renovating A Home

While planning a home renovation project, one of the areas that people tend to ignore is balustrading. Most homeowners do not seem to realise the fact that the right kind of balustrade can impart a modern touch to their residence in exchange for a small sum of money. Gone are the days when these features simply served an important purpose of supporting the railings of staircases, decks, entrances, balconies and verandahs. In the modern times, balustrades can also be utilised for improving the appearance of indoor as well as outdoor spaces.

In Australia, balustrades are generally manufactured using a wide variety of materials such as timber, glass, wrought iron, wire, stainless steel, etc. And with each passing year, new trends are surfacing to enhance the design of uber-modern houses. According to balustrade experts in Western Australia, glass and wire options seem to be gaining maximum popularity among homeowners right now. In addition to them, their aluminium peers are also quite in demand. Let’s take a look at each of these options in detail:


Glass balustrades offer a spacious and sleek appeal to staircases, and they can also be used on decks and pool fencing. They are generally available in frameless and semi-frameless variants. The glass used for making them is normally toughened in order to provide extra safety. Besides that, they necessitate very low maintenance – simply wiping them with a clean cloth on a regular basis is more than enough.


Recently, several companies specialising in staircase have reported that they are witnessing a surge in the demand for wired balustrades. And the main reason for this can be the multiple beneficial properties of the product that include easy maintenance, clean lines and chic look. They can also work well when used in combination with stainless steel or timber handrails and posts.


Although sold by a few companies, aluminium balustrades are preferred due to their ability to augment the aesthetic appeal of any home significantly. And according to many homeowners, the concoction of aluminium balustrades, posts and handrails can present a highly elegant, contemporary and clean look. These options are also very durable and do not require too much upkeep. Moreover, aluminium balustrades serve as a rust-free solution when used around a swimming pool.

These are just a few of the numerous options in balustrading that you can consider while remodelling your residence. If you wish to know more about the others, get in touch with a good professional dealing with balustrades in WA.


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