Why Should You Buy Timber Staircases For Your Home?

Residential staircases serve a very important purpose of providing a way to move from one level to another. They receive extensive foot traffic throughout their lifetime and therefore, need to be made of durable material. According to most staircase experts in Western Australia, timber staircases are ideal for any residence because they are tough, low maintenance and cost-effective.

Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of installing timber staircases:

Puts Less Strain On The Floor

Unlike other popular choices such as concrete, timber staircases are lightweight and thus, put less strain on the foundation. This acts as a major advantage when there is a need to construct a winding or tall stairway. They also do not necessitate usage of extra supports or exert too much pressure on the ground.

Imparts A Unique Ambience

The wood grain of timber staircases imparts a unique and special ambience to a home. This is probably because they have got a certain pattern which runs through every piece. The grain varies significantly between different species of wood used for making timber stairs, which means a homeowner can select the grain that best suits the appeal of their abode. However, other materials do not offer such ambience or pattern choices.

Available In Several Finishes

Timber staircases come in a wide range of finishes that can be chosen from as per the decor of a house. Some of the popular tones include light ash, black, ebony and oak. But those who wish to have staircases with prominent wood grain must not opt for any of the dark hues because it would conceal the grain pattern. Instead, they should opt for lighter shades according to the specifications of their house interiors.

Matches With The Patio Or Deck Area

Timber staircases can be bought in shades that match with the hue of the patio or outdoor deck, and installed in that area. But while doing so, homeowners need to bear in mind that they must select something tough and capable of withstanding the elements. In addition to that, they should apply termite treatment solution on the staircases to prevent those nasty pests from damaging the investment.

Thus, these are the reasons why timber staircases are a worthy choice for any homeowner. Not only are they light on the ground, but also provide ambience and can be bought in a desired finish.


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