Make Your House Spring-Ready By Following These Tips

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Spring season signifies a fresh start in everything, with flowers blooming outside and the weather seeming rejuvenating. As such, it is important for us to clean up our houses too, in order to embrace the spirit of freshness brought about by spring. If your residence, exterior and garage is still in a mess, then here are a few things that you can do to help the situation:

Clean The Downspouts & Gutters

Inspect your downspouts & gutters carefully for presence of any leak or loose section. Leaky gutters are quite notorious for initiating water damage in a house. Therefore, either examine them yourself or hire a professional to have them cleaned effectively.

Check Your Doors & Windows

Spend a good amount of time checking your windows and doors thoroughly for any kind of damage. If they become worn or redundant, then get in touch with an expert who deals with door replacement and window repair in Coolum. Request the person to inspect the weather-stripping, seals, paint and exterior caulking too. In case there is any problem with them, having it resolved can help you save on cooling & heating costs and also impede water damage.

Eliminate The Mess In Your Garage

If you have not cleaned your garage after the winter months, now is a good time to do so. Go through the stuffs that have got accumulated inside the space and dispose off all the junk items. Arrange everything useful in an organised way by putting it back in its place. Look for cracks on the concrete, and clear away debris & mud present on the floor.

Powerwash The Exteriors

Get a power washer (you can either buy it or rent one) and use it for cleaning the exterior parts of your property, such as the siding, decks, walkways and driveways. Also, invest some time maintaining your patio furniture. Once you are done with the cleanup tasks, you will be surprised to see how good your landscape looks.

Revamp Your Garden

Spring is the best time for you to revamp your yard or garden. You can begin by sprouting herbs and veggies in plastic cups within a small greenhouse. In addition to that, you may also prepare the soil and put up trellises & planters or repair existing ones.

Spring Ready Home.jpg

So, consider these tips to make your property spring-ready and clean up the mess that has been lying around since winter.

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