Intriguing Staircase Ideas For Modern Homes

Residential stairways play a very important role in any house. Not only do they connect the existing levels, but also make an architectural assertion with their presence. As such, it is important to choose the right one when designing the plan for a new home. There are thousands of staircase ideas available for modern houses. The ones most popular right now have been listed below:
Grand Entrance

This majestically shaped staircase option widens gently upon meeting the corridor space, thereby establishing a clear transition between the levels. Sometimes, embellishing moulding is also applied throughout the walls leading up to the foyer in order to create a dramatic effect.

A sculptural stairway usually looks more like an artwork rather than a transition between levels. It can be made of metal or wood, depending upon the choice of the homeowner. A fine example of this idea is a serpentine piece which coils on its way up.

Although the idea is rather simple, it can easily conceal an extra storage space beneath it or even a doorway. One may use it for creating a small space where kids can play, a tiny shelter for the family pet or perhaps the doorway to the basement area – all one needs to do is use their imagination.

This one is probably demanded the most from many a staircase manufacturer in Western Australia. It is perfect for any house that has ample of space in its ground level. And its greatest pro is that it can work well with practically any material, whether one chooses to opt for steel, glass or wood. The railing is generally of a bright or bold colour that draws the attention of an onlooker while rising all the way up.
Stair Runner

A typical stair runner design hikes up both the style and comfort of the space. It is usually covered all throughout using a nice carpet to provide warmth and softness underfoot. Besides that, it also keeps walkers from having slip and fall accidents on the treads, which are commonly made of wood.

Step Aside

Step aside involves constructing the stairway right beside the main entrance to the house. This allows guests at the door to get a complete view of the ground or first level.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other staircase ideas suitable for contemporary homes available on the Internet.


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