Tips For Decorating Staircases Before Christmas

So Christmas is less than a couple of months away and you might have already started making plans to revamp your entire home with the theme of the festivity. During the whole decorating process, one of the components that deserve your attention the most is your staircase. Of course, you can improve the appearance of your stairs significantly by getting new products from good timber handrail suppliers in Perth. But in addition to that, you may also use the following decorating tips:

Add Accents
If you wish to accentuate your staircase according to the mood of Christmas, using accents can be a great idea. For achieving a frosty effect, buy traditional ice skates, glittery snowflake accessories & white mica-dipped twigs and utilise them along with conventional ribbon-greens garlands.

Bright & Merry

For imparting fresh style and colours to your staircase, hang up green layers of Ireland styled bells and giant red bows. Doing so would provide a colourful twist to your pre-existing green decorations.

Spirit Bundles
In case you don’t want to opt for the age-old tradition of using birch branches as Christmas decorations, then go with other equally effective choices like red twig dogwood. Lash them using florist’s wire around the balustrading along with red winterberries and evergreens. You can also use glossy and matte chartreuse ornaments as colour pops.

Wreath Displays
Wreaths are not just for the front door, you can put them on your staircase too, and accentuate using berries. To hike up the festivity reflected by them, intertwine berry clusters, extra leaves and decorative glass balls.

Beautiful Poinsettias
Poinsettias are perhaps the best way to keep Christmas decorations on staircases simple. So get some of them and add in between your green garlands. If you wish for them to stay fresh for a long time, place their stems inside water tubes. Accentuate their bottoms and tops using large bows in complementary colours.

Hospitality Pineapple
This specific staircase decorating technique would consist of a garland encircled by a red ribbon. Right where the garland ends at the post of the staircase, a pineapple embellishment will sit atop as the conventional symbol of hospitality.

Thus, these are some beautiful and innovative tips that you can use to spruce up your staircases for Christmas. However, don’t ignore the decoration of the rest of your home and take care to embellish each & every corner carefully for reflecting the spirit of Christmas.


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