Decorate Your Stairs With Sliding Snowmen For X-Mas


Looking for some fun idea to revamp your staircases and impart an exotic appeal to them for reflecting the festive season? Well, if you search on the Internet, you will come across many of the traditional garlanding and wreath-arranging procedures. In case you wish to walk a different path, you would absolutely love the idea that we are going to discuss in this blog. But before that, a small question – do you have glass balusters? If no, then get them as soon as possible from one of the reputed glass balustrade suppliers in Western Australia. This is because glass balustrades would work best with the discussed embellishment and impart an icy effect to it.

Now coming to the part of staircase decoration idea, we should mention in the very beginning that you won’t have to ditch your existing X-mas lights and ornaments for it. As the title suggests, there will be snowmen standing in the position of sliding down your staircase banister once you are done with the embellishment. But before that, you will need to buy a few products, which you can get at any shop that sells Christmas decorations:

  • String lights (don’t bother buying if you have them already)
  • Artificial fluffy snow
  • Safety pins
  • Miniature cotton snowmen
  • Tape


First of all, you will have to attach the string lights longitudinally across the length of the banister with the help of tape. Don’t stick too many tapes; simply attach one after every two or three lights.

Next, add the artificial fluffy snow by passing safety pins through it and the string of lights alternately. In case the pins are not enough to hold the fake snow in place, you can tie it around the banister using ribbons.

Now, switch on the lights to see how they look like from beneath the fluffy snow layer. If the appearance is not as desired, then make the required changes until you get what you want.

Finally, attach the miniature snowmen to the artificial snow in sliding position by means of safety pins. Make sure that they stand at least 1 feet apart from each other.

That’s it, your staircase is now ready to portray the mood of festivity by showcasing a row of snowmen sliding down on a glowing ramp. If you want, you can even put other embellishments such as wreaths and ornaments. But be careful so as not to make the balustrading or banister look cluttered.


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