Sophisticated & Trending Staircases In Recent Times

Staircase& Balustrade

So you have built a home of your dreams but most likely are missing out the minor spots worthy of some attention. The idea might not be to decorate, but to add a classic factor to those overlooked spaces. The staircase in your house is one of those spots, which generally do not get much attention. But as times are changing, so are the options that can make your house stand out form the rest.

Having a straight-up staircase or a spiral staircase is cool but a custom made designer staircase with decorative glass balustrades is a classic feature that boosts up the look of the interior of your house.

You might have this conception that stairs are used in transit to other floors and not to sit and enjoy your leisure, but there you go wrong. A well-designed staircase can add a complete new look to your house and needless to say, you might even enjoy a cup of coffee sitting on one of the stairs while reading your favorite book.

There are many staircase builders who can build the perfect stairway for you, meeting your needs and suiting your interior. Builders from Western Australia have a good craftsmanship at building designer staircases and glass balustrades.

Here are some of the trending staircase designs and ideas that you should definitely consider incorporating in your house:

  • Timber staircases

    Timber Staircases.jpg

    An extensive range of solid timber staircases has been there since the last few decades. These staircases can be of different styles, ranging from simple straight flights to complex multi-landing and curved designs. From traditional style to classical, curved, contemporary and many more.

  • Steel staircases

    Steel Staircases

    The focus of the steel staircase designs are on modern and light styles. Semi or fully floating effects are made using minimum materials in an attempt to make them as transparent as possible giving enough room for light to pass. You have a whole lot of design and trends to choose from – cantilevered to steel spine, flat plate, Australian steel with powder coat finish and many more. These staircases are not just painted, but powder coated with a broad range of colors.

  • Commercial staircases

    commercial Staircases

    Though not properly suitable for your home, there are lots of commercial designs and patterns available too. Many interesting designs features can be introduced and incorporated into your existing stairway as well. Some designs include commercial timber and steel.

    Contact Staircase Expert

Thus, if you wish to give your house a new look, then choosing to renovate your staircase is a bright idea.


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