Beautiful Stair Railing & Balustrade Ideas

Staircase & Balustrade Installer

Stairs are an integral part of our home. A luxury staircase in the centre of your home can greatly add to its beauty. The styles have changed over the years and witnessed a lot of different alterations and decorations.

Interior designers have recently started to focus on stair railings. The essential factor has always been the handrail but that does not mean the design and style is no more important. A well designed handrail is essential for a elegant staircase.

Entire staircase in a building has seen several changes from glass balustrades to decorative handrails and what not. As staircases form an integral part of your home, ignoring the beauty that can be enhanced by it is not an wise idea.

The design options are endless for staircases, coming in all shapes and sizes an models. Most of the changes have been made to the handrails in the past years. The most common materials used for handrails include wrought iron, glass, steel and wood.

After the handrails, come the balustrades. When it comes to eye-catching, contemporary and sleek design statements, glass balustrades are hard to beat. These supportive parts of a staircase not only act for supporting, but play a major role in adding to the beauty of the staircase. Many people consider that when it is about balustrades, nothing can beat glass options.

A glass balustrade constructed out of frosted glass has unique looking properties. Frosted glass can be very useful for providing privacy, while still allowing plenty of light to pass through. A frame-less glass balustrade is ideal if you are trying to achieve minimalistic design still not compromising on the looks. A frameless balustrade can add a premium look to your house.

A contrasting handrail with a glass balustrade in a commercial environment is unbeatable in terms of safety and looks. Two most popular options of handrails to match with glass balustrades are polished steel and wooden handrails.

Finishing off the staircase with a flourish is a great decorative idea, if executed perfectly. Decorative newel posts can turn a regular glass balustrade into a unique design feature of your home.

Whichever option you are choosing is not going to make your staircase stand out, if the work is not executed properly. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consult with professional staircase builders for various options and great skills. There are some renowned staircase builders from Western Australia who can provide you with great staircase ideas.


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