Tips To Decorate Your Living Room On Valentine’s Day

14th Feb is just a couple of weeks away and you must be planning something unique to make your Valentine feel special and happy. The day is a symbol of love, passion, romance and commitment. So never miss out on even a single chance to highlight your feelings for your sweetheart on this day.

Many people plan different activities to celebrate V-day. Some opt for a romantic candle light dinner, whereas some plan a short weekend trip. If you have a tight budget, then prefer to keep everything simple. You don’t need to spend a lump sum to make your partner happy. How about establishing a romantic ambience by decorating your living room with essential decorating items? Furnishing the room with simple yet unique decor will not cost you much. Stated below are some simple ideas to decorate and create a romantic atmosphere in your living area –


1. Select a theme – Since it is all about celebrating love and passion, always go for bright and vibrant themes. Choose a theme that is cute, intense and longing. Don’t make the atmosphere boring and dull by selecting inappropriate theme.

living-rooms-with-mocha-walls-brown-living-room-with-red-8a6cf96adfb817962. Select a colour – Selecting the right colour for enhancing the ambience of the room is definitely a must. For Valentine’s Day, choose any colour such as maroon, red, pink – or any shade according to your partner’s preference.


3. Embellish the staircases – One of the most important focal points of your living area is the staircase. Hence never miss to beautify the place with some decorative items. To enhance the look of your staircases, hang red and golden ribbons throughout the place. Highlight the ribbons by adding some beads and flowers as well. However, before proceeding with the task, make sure that your staircases are in good condition. If required, appoint staircase experts in Western Australia for maintenance.


4. Decorate the walls – Furnish the walls with red coloured balloons and floral arrangements. You can even create a collage out of some of your favourite pictures, set it in a decorative photo frame and hang it on the wall of your living space.

5. Curtains – Give a fresh look to your living area by replacing the old curtains with new and vibrant ones. You can even accessorise the curtains by attaching ribbons or colourful laces around them.


6. Cushions – Small, simple and cute cushions can give an exclusive and fashionable look to the entire room. To highlight the ambience of the day, use some small red heart shaped cushions and place them on your couch.

So get ready to have a memorable Valentine’s Day with your love by following all the aforementioned tips.


What To Consider Before Purchasing A Stairlift?

Stairlifts are excellent alternatives to climbing stairs for people with limited mobility or elderly people. Installing one can make quite a huge difference if you have such an individual living at your home. It is really simple to use, as well as reliable & safe. It can also be an inexpensive alternative compared to costly remodelling projects for making drastic changes, such as adding a bathroom on the first level, or even finding a special apartment. Moreover, a stairlift can be installed irrespective of the material your staircase is made of – be it steel, glass or wire balustrade, wooden or chrome handrails or any other component.

However, there are certain things that you must know prior to investing in a stairlift. It’s not that you would have difficulty in finding distributors in Perth who can provide you with a good product and installation service. But you ought to be aware of a few facts before approaching any stairlift supplier:

No Quote Without Site Visit

First of all, you must know that it is nearly impossible to obtain a decent quote for stairlift simply by calling up a dealer, even if you provide precise measurements of your staircase. The reason for this is not the fact that every staircase is different and sometimes, a particular kind of stairlift may need to be installed. It is because selling the product for the company would be easier face-to-face instead of on the phone.

No Fixed Costs

Just like cars, stairlifts do not have any specific price. Some stairlift companies use this for their own profit by quoting different prices of the same product to different buyers. It is due to this reason that your initial quote will be high, and you would need to bargain.

Avoiding The Salesman

Most stairlift companies send a salesman to their potential buyer’s home for an initial site visit, and that’s when the salesman tries to vend off a product at a cost profitable for them. Therefore, you must not trust anything they tell you about the pricing and simply say that you are going to think of the offer. In fear of losing a potential customer, they would always reduce the pricing.

Quotes From Multiple Firms

When planning to buy a stairlift product, make sure you obtain quotes from more than one firm. Although the task would be slightly onerous, it would be worthwhile in the end.

So make sure you follow these tips in order to buy a good stairlift and also have it installed at a comfortable price.

Decorate Your Stairs With Sliding Snowmen For X-Mas


Looking for some fun idea to revamp your staircases and impart an exotic appeal to them for reflecting the festive season? Well, if you search on the Internet, you will come across many of the traditional garlanding and wreath-arranging procedures. In case you wish to walk a different path, you would absolutely love the idea that we are going to discuss in this blog. But before that, a small question – do you have glass balusters? If no, then get them as soon as possible from one of the reputed glass balustrade suppliers in Western Australia. This is because glass balustrades would work best with the discussed embellishment and impart an icy effect to it.

Now coming to the part of staircase decoration idea, we should mention in the very beginning that you won’t have to ditch your existing X-mas lights and ornaments for it. As the title suggests, there will be snowmen standing in the position of sliding down your staircase banister once you are done with the embellishment. But before that, you will need to buy a few products, which you can get at any shop that sells Christmas decorations:

  • String lights (don’t bother buying if you have them already)
  • Artificial fluffy snow
  • Safety pins
  • Miniature cotton snowmen
  • Tape


First of all, you will have to attach the string lights longitudinally across the length of the banister with the help of tape. Don’t stick too many tapes; simply attach one after every two or three lights.

Next, add the artificial fluffy snow by passing safety pins through it and the string of lights alternately. In case the pins are not enough to hold the fake snow in place, you can tie it around the banister using ribbons.

Now, switch on the lights to see how they look like from beneath the fluffy snow layer. If the appearance is not as desired, then make the required changes until you get what you want.

Finally, attach the miniature snowmen to the artificial snow in sliding position by means of safety pins. Make sure that they stand at least 1 feet apart from each other.

That’s it, your staircase is now ready to portray the mood of festivity by showcasing a row of snowmen sliding down on a glowing ramp. If you want, you can even put other embellishments such as wreaths and ornaments. But be careful so as not to make the balustrading or banister look cluttered.

Tips For Decorating Staircases Before Christmas

So Christmas is less than a couple of months away and you might have already started making plans to revamp your entire home with the theme of the festivity. During the whole decorating process, one of the components that deserve your attention the most is your staircase. Of course, you can improve the appearance of your stairs significantly by getting new products from good timber handrail suppliers in Perth. But in addition to that, you may also use the following decorating tips:

Add Accents
If you wish to accentuate your staircase according to the mood of Christmas, using accents can be a great idea. For achieving a frosty effect, buy traditional ice skates, glittery snowflake accessories & white mica-dipped twigs and utilise them along with conventional ribbon-greens garlands.

Bright & Merry

For imparting fresh style and colours to your staircase, hang up green layers of Ireland styled bells and giant red bows. Doing so would provide a colourful twist to your pre-existing green decorations.

Spirit Bundles
In case you don’t want to opt for the age-old tradition of using birch branches as Christmas decorations, then go with other equally effective choices like red twig dogwood. Lash them using florist’s wire around the balustrading along with red winterberries and evergreens. You can also use glossy and matte chartreuse ornaments as colour pops.

Wreath Displays
Wreaths are not just for the front door, you can put them on your staircase too, and accentuate using berries. To hike up the festivity reflected by them, intertwine berry clusters, extra leaves and decorative glass balls.

Beautiful Poinsettias
Poinsettias are perhaps the best way to keep Christmas decorations on staircases simple. So get some of them and add in between your green garlands. If you wish for them to stay fresh for a long time, place their stems inside water tubes. Accentuate their bottoms and tops using large bows in complementary colours.

Hospitality Pineapple
This specific staircase decorating technique would consist of a garland encircled by a red ribbon. Right where the garland ends at the post of the staircase, a pineapple embellishment will sit atop as the conventional symbol of hospitality.

Thus, these are some beautiful and innovative tips that you can use to spruce up your staircases for Christmas. However, don’t ignore the decoration of the rest of your home and take care to embellish each & every corner carefully for reflecting the spirit of Christmas.

Intriguing Staircase Ideas For Modern Homes

Residential stairways play a very important role in any house. Not only do they connect the existing levels, but also make an architectural assertion with their presence. As such, it is important to choose the right one when designing the plan for a new home. There are thousands of staircase ideas available for modern houses. The ones most popular right now have been listed below:
Grand Entrance

This majestically shaped staircase option widens gently upon meeting the corridor space, thereby establishing a clear transition between the levels. Sometimes, embellishing moulding is also applied throughout the walls leading up to the foyer in order to create a dramatic effect.

A sculptural stairway usually looks more like an artwork rather than a transition between levels. It can be made of metal or wood, depending upon the choice of the homeowner. A fine example of this idea is a serpentine piece which coils on its way up.

Although the idea is rather simple, it can easily conceal an extra storage space beneath it or even a doorway. One may use it for creating a small space where kids can play, a tiny shelter for the family pet or perhaps the doorway to the basement area – all one needs to do is use their imagination.

This one is probably demanded the most from many a staircase manufacturer in Western Australia. It is perfect for any house that has ample of space in its ground level. And its greatest pro is that it can work well with practically any material, whether one chooses to opt for steel, glass or wood. The railing is generally of a bright or bold colour that draws the attention of an onlooker while rising all the way up.
Stair Runner

A typical stair runner design hikes up both the style and comfort of the space. It is usually covered all throughout using a nice carpet to provide warmth and softness underfoot. Besides that, it also keeps walkers from having slip and fall accidents on the treads, which are commonly made of wood.

Step Aside

Step aside involves constructing the stairway right beside the main entrance to the house. This allows guests at the door to get a complete view of the ground or first level.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other staircase ideas suitable for contemporary homes available on the Internet.