Vertical Versus Horizontal Balustrades

Vertical Versus Horizontal Balustrade

In these days, stainless steel wire balustrades are a popular choice for balconies, staircases and verandahs in contemporary homes across Australia and especially in WA. They come in two main styles: horizontal and vertical wires. Here you’ll get to know the differences between these two styles of balustrade. This will help you to decide which one is the best choice for your home.

Vertical or Horizontal?

Both vertical and horizontal wire systems blend in well with a modern interior decoration theme. So, there is no need to worry about finding which one is the best. What matter are the materials and overall design of your staircase as they determine how appealing it will be.

Below are some key factors for you to consider.

Height Restrictions 

Vertical wiring is recommended when you are installing a balustrade at a height of more than 4 metres as per the Building Code of Australia (BCA). You can also opt for custom made balustrades to match with your style while keeping the building standards in mind.


Whether it is a vertical or horizontal wiring, you must know that BCA also stipulates a minimum tension for the wires. This is because people have a tendency to lean against horizontal balustrading, which can get stretched over time. This means that, horizontal wires require more maintenance than vertical ones. Thus, proper maintenance is very much necessary when it comes horizontal balustrade.


It is clear that vertical wired balustrades require less maintenance compared to horizontal ones. This means that initial installation costs of vertical wiring is higher than horizontal systems. If the budget is within a strict boundary or if you are simply keen to complete the home improvement project, this cost factor can make horizontal balustrading a more appealing option.


There are a couple of points to consider as far as aesthetics are concerned. Some people who are keen to be different may choose vertical option as it is less commonly seen in Australian homes. Secondly, a balustrade installed in an interior balcony with horizontal wires can emphasize the length of the balcony. Actually, aesthetics are something which is based on personal taste.

To evaluate all the factors concerning the design of balustrades, you may also wish to consider glass balustrades, which is a viable alternative for your home. To achieve majestic stairs in your home, balustrades must be installed while keeping in mind all these considerations.


An Uplift Through Steel Staircases

Steel Balustrade

Staircases are available in different styles as well as material options such as steel, aluminium and wood. They provide a platform to move up and down between several floors. They differ on the material’s type and its designs. A staircase can be spiral, vertical or circular depending upon the style you want.

However, from among all of these, steel staircases seem to be the most commonly preferred by homeowners, probably due to their numerous advantages.

To begin with, steel staircases offer a high level of reliability. They can be attached with custom made balustrades and it is a kind of complex structure in which various components are bolted together to make durable and safe. Basically, the steps of the staircases are made up of two components, first is the tread and the second is the riser. The flat part where you step is called the tread and the front headed 90-degree gap between each tread is called as the riser. They can be separately attached or you can construct the staircase without any risers. In some stairs, nosing is attached at the frontal part of a tread. Nosing is attached especially to provide additional safety so that a user doesn’t slip.

After all, there are reasons why steel is used for the purpose of constructing a building. One of the main causes is due to its strong containment. This guarantees the structure with toughness and intensity. The metal is also supple, which means that it can be moulded and reshaped to any desired shape. Steel staircases are simple to install and do not need much labour. As they come in a ready-made format, they don’t require much time to install as well.

Steel balustrade is the best attachment to steel staircases

Along with the steel staircases, steel balustrades are the best product to add in. They are too strong and durable and do not require any laborious maintenance. They are savvy and stylish as they can be moulded to fit into any design. Steel balustrades can incorporate other materials such as wood or iron. When you are purchasing a balustrade, make sure you buy a rust proof and a corrosion resistant material. Steel balustrades are galvanised and that is the reason they require less effort in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Balustrades can be designed to your specification which benefits in an ornamental finish. The installation process of a balustrade depends upon the material and the design.

So if you are looking to decorate your home with chic and stylish staircases, then steel is the best option you have got which delivers security along with decor.

Make The Best Use Of Your Stairs

Staircases are one of the most common features of homes, but seldom are they used to their fullest potential. Little do homeowners realise the endless possibilities offered by staircases, which can provide a great conjunction of functionality and design if planned properly. In fact, traditional staircases waste a lot of space underneath, and that unused space can be turned into effective storage with just a little bit of careful planning.

Let’s have a look at a few interesting and space-saving staircase designs popular in Perth:


Spiral Design

In case your home requires open spaces, you can replace your existing awkward staircase for one with a spiral design. Not only would it modify the overall visual appeal of your interiors, but also impart a chic and modern touch. In addition to that, the spiral design will provide access to space that was previously wasted and also make the area look compact.


Harry Potter Design

This one has been inspired by the living space of Harry Potter – a closet underneath the staircase – in the first book of the series. Of course, adopting this design does not mean that you will have to use it for the same purpose. Rather, you will be benefitted with some additional storage space that you can use for keeping a shoe rack, gardening equipment, home improvement tools or any other useful item. If the space can possibly allow, you may even have a small bathroom built inside it. Otherwise, turn the space into a dog house and gift it to your pooch. Or allow your kids to use it as a tiny playroom. Have a pocket or incognito door installed to keep the closet hidden from sight when it’s not being used.


Stairs Inside Stairs

Do you have a basement? If yes, then may be you also have 2 staircases in different areas. Undoubtedly, they have taken up more floor area than you wanted them to. A prudent thing that you can do is opt for the ‘stairs within stairs’ design to augment your home space. The design will have the basement stairs just underneath the floor stairs. You can easily conceal the basement door with wainscotting, and also install bespoke handrails for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the place.

If you wish for your home to reach its complete spatial potential, it is important to create new areas for storage and find wasted spaces. Adopting any of the above mentioned designs will definitely help you to do that.

Why Should You Buy Timber Staircases For Your Home?

Residential staircases serve a very important purpose of providing a way to move from one level to another. They receive extensive foot traffic throughout their lifetime and therefore, need to be made of durable material. According to most staircase experts in Western Australia, timber staircases are ideal for any residence because they are tough, low maintenance and cost-effective.

Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of installing timber staircases:

Puts Less Strain On The Floor

Unlike other popular choices such as concrete, timber staircases are lightweight and thus, put less strain on the foundation. This acts as a major advantage when there is a need to construct a winding or tall stairway. They also do not necessitate usage of extra supports or exert too much pressure on the ground.

Imparts A Unique Ambience

The wood grain of timber staircases imparts a unique and special ambience to a home. This is probably because they have got a certain pattern which runs through every piece. The grain varies significantly between different species of wood used for making timber stairs, which means a homeowner can select the grain that best suits the appeal of their abode. However, other materials do not offer such ambience or pattern choices.

Available In Several Finishes

Timber staircases come in a wide range of finishes that can be chosen from as per the decor of a house. Some of the popular tones include light ash, black, ebony and oak. But those who wish to have staircases with prominent wood grain must not opt for any of the dark hues because it would conceal the grain pattern. Instead, they should opt for lighter shades according to the specifications of their house interiors.

Matches With The Patio Or Deck Area

Timber staircases can be bought in shades that match with the hue of the patio or outdoor deck, and installed in that area. But while doing so, homeowners need to bear in mind that they must select something tough and capable of withstanding the elements. In addition to that, they should apply termite treatment solution on the staircases to prevent those nasty pests from damaging the investment.

Thus, these are the reasons why timber staircases are a worthy choice for any homeowner. Not only are they light on the ground, but also provide ambience and can be bought in a desired finish.