Great Staircase Designs For Residences


Are you planning to renovate your old staircases or get new ones for your recently completed residence? Your first choice would obviously be picking from one of the traditional staircase design ideas that are used by countless homeowners. But why not choose something unique and bespoke instead? There are a number of intuitive and innovative staircase designs out there. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones from among them:

Storage Stairs
Ever wondered why the space under each step of a flight of stairs is not used for creating extra storage space? Well, somebody thought of the same thing and decide to invent the idea of storage stairs. By adopting this design, you can have a hidden series of cupboards all the way from top to bottom, each of them fitted with a discreet handle.

Tree Climber
Inspired by the frame of a treehouse, this option has a very crafty look and can even be constructed in winding form, which bears resemblance to a twisted tree getting wider with elevation. For children, it may appear like a magical place inviting them to ascend and discover what is awaiting them at the top.

This staircase design idea renders an otherwise normal flight of steps the semblance of a challenging pathway. As such, it serves as a fun optical illusion for its climbers, when in reality, it is just a high-end stairway design. Basically, you would have the feature of a funhouse right at home and your kids will love it (if you have any).

Criss Cross
In case a strong conventional staircase does not work with your home decor, then you can adopt a chicer and simpler design. And your best bet is a white crisscross banister that will allow to keep the stairway from completely closing off the area.

Playground Slide
Although not exactly the slides that you would find in a playground, this design can definitely provide the fun of one, in case you have kids or want to unleash your inner child. It combines a flight of stairs and a slide in order to provide a fun way for ascending to or descending from one level to another.

When trying to have any of these designs in your home, make sure you hire reliable staircase experts for the job. Though there are plenty of professionals in Western Australia, not all of them can deliver high quality work. As such, be thorough and selective when it comes to hiring custom staircase makers.

Tips To Decorate Your Living Room On Valentine’s Day

14th Feb is just a couple of weeks away and you must be planning something unique to make your Valentine feel special and happy. The day is a symbol of love, passion, romance and commitment. So never miss out on even a single chance to highlight your feelings for your sweetheart on this day.

Many people plan different activities to celebrate V-day. Some opt for a romantic candle light dinner, whereas some plan a short weekend trip. If you have a tight budget, then prefer to keep everything simple. You don’t need to spend a lump sum to make your partner happy. How about establishing a romantic ambience by decorating your living room with essential decorating items? Furnishing the room with simple yet unique decor will not cost you much. Stated below are some simple ideas to decorate and create a romantic atmosphere in your living area –


1. Select a theme – Since it is all about celebrating love and passion, always go for bright and vibrant themes. Choose a theme that is cute, intense and longing. Don’t make the atmosphere boring and dull by selecting inappropriate theme.

living-rooms-with-mocha-walls-brown-living-room-with-red-8a6cf96adfb817962. Select a colour – Selecting the right colour for enhancing the ambience of the room is definitely a must. For Valentine’s Day, choose any colour such as maroon, red, pink – or any shade according to your partner’s preference.


3. Embellish the staircases – One of the most important focal points of your living area is the staircase. Hence never miss to beautify the place with some decorative items. To enhance the look of your staircases, hang red and golden ribbons throughout the place. Highlight the ribbons by adding some beads and flowers as well. However, before proceeding with the task, make sure that your staircases are in good condition. If required, appoint staircase experts in Western Australia for maintenance.


4. Decorate the walls – Furnish the walls with red coloured balloons and floral arrangements. You can even create a collage out of some of your favourite pictures, set it in a decorative photo frame and hang it on the wall of your living space.

5. Curtains – Give a fresh look to your living area by replacing the old curtains with new and vibrant ones. You can even accessorise the curtains by attaching ribbons or colourful laces around them.


6. Cushions – Small, simple and cute cushions can give an exclusive and fashionable look to the entire room. To highlight the ambience of the day, use some small red heart shaped cushions and place them on your couch.

So get ready to have a memorable Valentine’s Day with your love by following all the aforementioned tips.

Intriguing Staircase Ideas For Modern Homes

Residential stairways play a very important role in any house. Not only do they connect the existing levels, but also make an architectural assertion with their presence. As such, it is important to choose the right one when designing the plan for a new home. There are thousands of staircase ideas available for modern houses. The ones most popular right now have been listed below:
Grand Entrance

This majestically shaped staircase option widens gently upon meeting the corridor space, thereby establishing a clear transition between the levels. Sometimes, embellishing moulding is also applied throughout the walls leading up to the foyer in order to create a dramatic effect.

A sculptural stairway usually looks more like an artwork rather than a transition between levels. It can be made of metal or wood, depending upon the choice of the homeowner. A fine example of this idea is a serpentine piece which coils on its way up.

Although the idea is rather simple, it can easily conceal an extra storage space beneath it or even a doorway. One may use it for creating a small space where kids can play, a tiny shelter for the family pet or perhaps the doorway to the basement area – all one needs to do is use their imagination.

This one is probably demanded the most from many a staircase manufacturer in Western Australia. It is perfect for any house that has ample of space in its ground level. And its greatest pro is that it can work well with practically any material, whether one chooses to opt for steel, glass or wood. The railing is generally of a bright or bold colour that draws the attention of an onlooker while rising all the way up.
Stair Runner

A typical stair runner design hikes up both the style and comfort of the space. It is usually covered all throughout using a nice carpet to provide warmth and softness underfoot. Besides that, it also keeps walkers from having slip and fall accidents on the treads, which are commonly made of wood.

Step Aside

Step aside involves constructing the stairway right beside the main entrance to the house. This allows guests at the door to get a complete view of the ground or first level.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other staircase ideas suitable for contemporary homes available on the Internet.

Why Should You Buy Timber Staircases For Your Home?

Residential staircases serve a very important purpose of providing a way to move from one level to another. They receive extensive foot traffic throughout their lifetime and therefore, need to be made of durable material. According to most staircase experts in Western Australia, timber staircases are ideal for any residence because they are tough, low maintenance and cost-effective.

Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of installing timber staircases:

Puts Less Strain On The Floor

Unlike other popular choices such as concrete, timber staircases are lightweight and thus, put less strain on the foundation. This acts as a major advantage when there is a need to construct a winding or tall stairway. They also do not necessitate usage of extra supports or exert too much pressure on the ground.

Imparts A Unique Ambience

The wood grain of timber staircases imparts a unique and special ambience to a home. This is probably because they have got a certain pattern which runs through every piece. The grain varies significantly between different species of wood used for making timber stairs, which means a homeowner can select the grain that best suits the appeal of their abode. However, other materials do not offer such ambience or pattern choices.

Available In Several Finishes

Timber staircases come in a wide range of finishes that can be chosen from as per the decor of a house. Some of the popular tones include light ash, black, ebony and oak. But those who wish to have staircases with prominent wood grain must not opt for any of the dark hues because it would conceal the grain pattern. Instead, they should opt for lighter shades according to the specifications of their house interiors.

Matches With The Patio Or Deck Area

Timber staircases can be bought in shades that match with the hue of the patio or outdoor deck, and installed in that area. But while doing so, homeowners need to bear in mind that they must select something tough and capable of withstanding the elements. In addition to that, they should apply termite treatment solution on the staircases to prevent those nasty pests from damaging the investment.

Thus, these are the reasons why timber staircases are a worthy choice for any homeowner. Not only are they light on the ground, but also provide ambience and can be bought in a desired finish.

Balustrade Options To Consider While Renovating A Home

While planning a home renovation project, one of the areas that people tend to ignore is balustrading. Most homeowners do not seem to realise the fact that the right kind of balustrade can impart a modern touch to their residence in exchange for a small sum of money. Gone are the days when these features simply served an important purpose of supporting the railings of staircases, decks, entrances, balconies and verandahs. In the modern times, balustrades can also be utilised for improving the appearance of indoor as well as outdoor spaces.

In Australia, balustrades are generally manufactured using a wide variety of materials such as timber, glass, wrought iron, wire, stainless steel, etc. And with each passing year, new trends are surfacing to enhance the design of uber-modern houses. According to balustrade experts in Western Australia, glass and wire options seem to be gaining maximum popularity among homeowners right now. In addition to them, their aluminium peers are also quite in demand. Let’s take a look at each of these options in detail:


Glass balustrades offer a spacious and sleek appeal to staircases, and they can also be used on decks and pool fencing. They are generally available in frameless and semi-frameless variants. The glass used for making them is normally toughened in order to provide extra safety. Besides that, they necessitate very low maintenance – simply wiping them with a clean cloth on a regular basis is more than enough.


Recently, several companies specialising in staircase have reported that they are witnessing a surge in the demand for wired balustrades. And the main reason for this can be the multiple beneficial properties of the product that include easy maintenance, clean lines and chic look. They can also work well when used in combination with stainless steel or timber handrails and posts.


Although sold by a few companies, aluminium balustrades are preferred due to their ability to augment the aesthetic appeal of any home significantly. And according to many homeowners, the concoction of aluminium balustrades, posts and handrails can present a highly elegant, contemporary and clean look. These options are also very durable and do not require too much upkeep. Moreover, aluminium balustrades serve as a rust-free solution when used around a swimming pool.

These are just a few of the numerous options in balustrading that you can consider while remodelling your residence. If you wish to know more about the others, get in touch with a good professional dealing with balustrades in WA.