Tips To Decorate Your Living Room On Valentine’s Day

14th Feb is just a couple of weeks away and you must be planning something unique to make your Valentine feel special and happy. The day is a symbol of love, passion, romance and commitment. So never miss out on even a single chance to highlight your feelings for your sweetheart on this day.

Many people plan different activities to celebrate V-day. Some opt for a romantic candle light dinner, whereas some plan a short weekend trip. If you have a tight budget, then prefer to keep everything simple. You don’t need to spend a lump sum to make your partner happy. How about establishing a romantic ambience by decorating your living room with essential decorating items? Furnishing the room with simple yet unique decor will not cost you much. Stated below are some simple ideas to decorate and create a romantic atmosphere in your living area –


1. Select a theme – Since it is all about celebrating love and passion, always go for bright and vibrant themes. Choose a theme that is cute, intense and longing. Don’t make the atmosphere boring and dull by selecting inappropriate theme.

living-rooms-with-mocha-walls-brown-living-room-with-red-8a6cf96adfb817962. Select a colour – Selecting the right colour for enhancing the ambience of the room is definitely a must. For Valentine’s Day, choose any colour such as maroon, red, pink – or any shade according to your partner’s preference.


3. Embellish the staircases – One of the most important focal points of your living area is the staircase. Hence never miss to beautify the place with some decorative items. To enhance the look of your staircases, hang red and golden ribbons throughout the place. Highlight the ribbons by adding some beads and flowers as well. However, before proceeding with the task, make sure that your staircases are in good condition. If required, appoint staircase experts in Western Australia for maintenance.


4. Decorate the walls – Furnish the walls with red coloured balloons and floral arrangements. You can even create a collage out of some of your favourite pictures, set it in a decorative photo frame and hang it on the wall of your living space.

5. Curtains – Give a fresh look to your living area by replacing the old curtains with new and vibrant ones. You can even accessorise the curtains by attaching ribbons or colourful laces around them.


6. Cushions – Small, simple and cute cushions can give an exclusive and fashionable look to the entire room. To highlight the ambience of the day, use some small red heart shaped cushions and place them on your couch.

So get ready to have a memorable Valentine’s Day with your love by following all the aforementioned tips.


Make The Best Use Of Your Stairs

Staircases are one of the most common features of homes, but seldom are they used to their fullest potential. Little do homeowners realise the endless possibilities offered by staircases, which can provide a great conjunction of functionality and design if planned properly. In fact, traditional staircases waste a lot of space underneath, and that unused space can be turned into effective storage with just a little bit of careful planning.

Let’s have a look at a few interesting and space-saving staircase designs popular in Perth:


Spiral Design

In case your home requires open spaces, you can replace your existing awkward staircase for one with a spiral design. Not only would it modify the overall visual appeal of your interiors, but also impart a chic and modern touch. In addition to that, the spiral design will provide access to space that was previously wasted and also make the area look compact.


Harry Potter Design

This one has been inspired by the living space of Harry Potter – a closet underneath the staircase – in the first book of the series. Of course, adopting this design does not mean that you will have to use it for the same purpose. Rather, you will be benefitted with some additional storage space that you can use for keeping a shoe rack, gardening equipment, home improvement tools or any other useful item. If the space can possibly allow, you may even have a small bathroom built inside it. Otherwise, turn the space into a dog house and gift it to your pooch. Or allow your kids to use it as a tiny playroom. Have a pocket or incognito door installed to keep the closet hidden from sight when it’s not being used.


Stairs Inside Stairs

Do you have a basement? If yes, then may be you also have 2 staircases in different areas. Undoubtedly, they have taken up more floor area than you wanted them to. A prudent thing that you can do is opt for the ‘stairs within stairs’ design to augment your home space. The design will have the basement stairs just underneath the floor stairs. You can easily conceal the basement door with wainscotting, and also install bespoke handrails for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the place.

If you wish for your home to reach its complete spatial potential, it is important to create new areas for storage and find wasted spaces. Adopting any of the above mentioned designs will definitely help you to do that.